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I AM Best Script Nominations 

Amy and Angel Written by Julia Verdin & Deedee Benkovich

Level Up Written by Jason Skorski

Bad Love Tigers Written by Kevin Schewe

Free Yourself - A PTSD Story Written by Kelly LaCombe

Georgia Beats Written by Gregory Vines

I AM Best Music Video Nominations

We're Gonna Come Back    Director Janine Molinari

Down The Rabbit Hole        Director Itamar Isaak

Cat You Can't Beat              Director Eric Jon Boerner

I AM Best Director Nominations

Dill Pickle             Director Krzysztof Pietroszek

Tube                     Director Wale Show

Selena Xin Jin      Director The Lady of the House of Love

The Hole              Director by Farzad Ranjbar

Good Girl             Director Law Ballard

Suit & Bone          Director Dulani Wilson

Censure               Director Richard Bazley 

The Ugly Truth     Director Krishna Ashu Bhati

Megalomania      Director Rex Russell 

Two Meters          Director James Alexander Allen

A Poets Life         Director Brandon S. N. Butler

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I AM Best Original Score 

Censure - Music Noise In Your Eye  Adrian Chivers

& Daniel Pennie 

The Ugly Truth - Chris Köbke

Dill Pickle - Sahsa Bondarev

I AM Best Actress Nominations

Rhiannon Barker - The Tube 

Ealia Melersy - The Lady of the House of Love

Law Ballard - Good Girl 

Eva Habermann - The Ugly Truth

Caroline Hartig - The Ugly Truth 

Shanika Warren-Markland - Suit & Bone  

Nadine Menz - New Age 

Caroline Duncan - Dill Pickle 

Abigail Richardson - Megalomania 

Deborah Dir - A Poets Life 

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I AM Best International Film Nominations

Ëra                     Directed by Olariu

Dill Pickle           Director Krzysztof Pietroszek

The Ugly Truth   Directed by  Krishna Ashu Bhati

The New Age     Directed by Paul Schilling

The Hole            Directed by Farzad Ranjbar

FACTA  Best Actress Nominations 2022

Sally Ross-Clark

Vicky Pierson 

Mina Martis

FACTA Best Actor Nominations 2022

Richard A Carter 

Simon Gibbons 

Neil Harget 

I AM Best Make Up & Costume Nominations

The Lady of the House of Love Director Selena Xin Jin

(Make Up Costume)

Megalomania - Sol Bowra & Oliver Cassels (Costume) 

Anna Harvey (Hair & Make Up)

The Ugly Truth - Jeanette Sendler (Costume)

I AM Best Actor Nominations 

David Marciano - A Poets Life 

Adriaan van Veen - New Age 

Connor Wulfric - Censure 

Jim Thalman - Dill Pickle 

Joerg Stadler - Suit & Bone

Christopher Biggins - Megalomania 

Marcus Grüsser - The Ugly Truth 

I AM Best Film Nominations

Good Girl        Director Law Ballard

Suit & Bone     Director Dulani Wilson

Censure          Director Richard Bazley 

Megalomania  Director Rex Russell 

Tube               Director Wale Show

Two Meters     Director James Alexander Allen

The Lady of the House of Love Director Selena Xin Jin

A Poets Life    Director Brandon S. N. Butler

I AM Best Documentary Nominations

The Militiaman Directed by David Peter Hansen

Envoy: Shark Cull Directed by Andre Borell

Candles In The Window Directed by Tomasz Radziemski, Grazyna Czerny, Piotr Tomaszkiewicz

All Wigged Out Directed by Tracey Walsh 

Pescamare Directed by Andrea Lodovichetti

Web Crawler Series 1 Premiere

White Lies Premiere 26th & 27th August 2022 at the I AM Film Festival 2022 

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